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horst villa palagione 2
Vaison mit Dagmar

Let me start with a photo. Beautiful sight you may say. But I don’t like it in this way, looks like someone sitting on a toilet. I take a cutout.

Vaison -Ausschnitt
Vaison 1
Vaison 2

And there it is. I like the architecture you see everywhere in the Povence, but here it is an highlight - and the movement downwards from left to right gives the required tension the picture needs.

I start with the background. The first layer is a kind of navigation to me. I paint the church leaving her out. You see the atmosphere around - and the church too. In my workshops I often show the growing of a picture in steps just as I do here.

The second layer appears behind the first and it defines more buildings of the old town - just leaving them out. The colours are transparent yellow, transparent orange and cobalt blue. The atmosphere is deepened.

Part 2

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