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Born in 1951 Horst grew up in a village near Frankfurt in the middle of West Germany.   After graduating school he taught music and religion. At the age of 40 he realized that he missed something in his life and started to paint as a hobby, remembering he had done this when he was young. In 1992, he traveled to Austria to take classes with eminent painters Bernard Vogel and  Kurt Panzenberger.  They inspired him to take his painting to a higher level and painting became his passion.  After a few years of painting intensely, he began to exhibit his work and gained wide recognition. His paintings have been featured in German watercolor magazines.

On holidays Horst has traveled  across Europe painting from Ireland to Cyprus, from Tenerife to Norway. However, the center of his work remains the landscape where he lives near Kassel in North-Hessen. He has published a book of watercolors from Kassel, several calendars and painted all the small towns nearby, including Fritzlar, Warburg, Göttingen. Since 1995 he has led workshops in Germany, France and Italy. As a teacher he conveys his enthusiasm for watercolor before introducing students to his approach and techniques. He says, painting must come from the heart. 


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About Painting

“As a watercolor painter, I am curious about what can happen with the  color that has flowed in, ask for coincidences and use them instantly  for the design of my picture.Hasard and probability calculation belong to the work process.Like a juggler, I must have my balls constantly under control, for I am  handling the damp spot of color, and at the same time with its dried  form, with the pigment-saturated and watery line, with the beginning and the end of the picture. " , Kurt Moldovan, Kreuz und Quer, publishing house Galerie Welz, Salzburg 1980)

This is perhaps the most beautiful quote I have encountered in connection with this profession.You can only really understand it when you have embarked on the adventure  of watercolor painting and have made this experience in hundreds of  experiments. The short story of how I came to it:I came to the watercolor late, with 35 years I made the first attempts.The foundations for business and the establishment of the family, the  so-called important things in life, were through, and somehow my head  opened to something I had always had in my childhood, but had forgotten  at some point: I wanted to paint again. After years of painting and painting in the holidays, I learned by chance the Austrian watercolorists K. Panzenberger and B. Vogel - and what I saw  there, took me to a different world. Without pre-drawing, using a giant brush in the water, in the paint and then  directly onto the sheet and slowly emerges in an intense and intuitive  process a picture. After a few years of apprenticeship at different places, whether on the wide  plains of the Neusiedlersee, in the warm rain of Ireland, at a height of 2000 meters in the mountains of Austria, in the thunderstorm before the Leaning Tower of Pisa or in the canals of Venice, I tried to implement the Learned here in our home. First came a calendar of my home town Vollmarshausen, afterwards I have  intensively discussed the cities of Marburg, Warburg, Fritzlar and  Kassel.

Painting is for me to dive into another world, the world of colors and water -  the opposite of everyday life - the time when the soul recovers.I do not want to do without my profession, I can imagine that only painting can be cruel.But when I sit in front of my empty sheet and the colors start to flow so slowly, this is always a new adventure, where I never know  beforehand what happens as a result - and  after 2 to 3 hours,  getting back to the surface, I am aware of the sounds around me and in  front of me lies a picture, a creation, this is always a new experience.


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