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In 2017 I start with a project that will last about two years. The village where I live will celebrate his 1000-year anniversary in 2019. That’s the reason why I want to prepare an Exhibition with interested citizens of Lohfelden. I want to discover and paint with them the four seasons in Vollmarshausen, a part of Lohfelden in the north of Hessen near Kassel. It starts on the 18th of April (for further informations contact Volkshochschule Kassel.Kasinoweg 2234369 HofgeismarTel:   05671-8001-2231 www.vhs-Region-Kassel.de


Vollmarshausen - Gröschner's Hof f.web

Flechtingen, a small village near Magdeburg, is our destination in August. A painting-circle invited me and it will start on 21. of August for about 4 or 5 days. Please contact me if you are interested.      horst.weller-malmus@web.de

In autumn I will go to Seguret in the Provence. That’s the place I love the most of all my painting places. From 11th till 15th of October there’ll be a watercolor-workshop. Interested persons should contact me. horst.weller-malmus@web.de

vaison la romain - old town